Tuesday, October 3, 2023
Williams, Alexander & Associates
Collections and Debt Management Services

Downloadable Brochures & Flyers

Downloadable Brochures & Flyers

A-R Management & Contingency Collections (pdf 2.15mb)
Let us do our job so you can do yours - we're each experts in our own fields.

Fee Added Flyer (pdf 0.136mb)
Williams, Alexander & Associates has a great collections program that makes your debtors pay our fees so you get 100% of your money.

Medical Flyer (pdf 0.13mb)
Your Delinquent accounts also need a quick recovery. 10 very good reasons to choose Williams Alexander and Associates.

Post Judgment Flyer (pdf 4.2mb)
You got your Judgment, but did you get your money? Not everyone pursues Judgment recovery like Williams, Alexander and Associates.

The Power of Credit Reporting (pdf 0.11mb)
A significant benefit of using a full service collection agency like Williams, Alexander and Associates is our reporting capability to credit bureaus.

Time is Money Commercial Pointers (pdf 5.9mb)
Williams, Alexander and Associates can provide help evaluating the credit worthiness of your client, allowing you to identify and solve payment problems before services are rendered.

Time is Money Medical Pointers (pdf 5.8mb)
The older your delinquent A/R becomes, the smaller your chances for recovery are, and the more GOOD sales you need to make up for it.
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